Enhancing Business Monitoring with a Reporting Suite

The details
Propel Asset Financing
To develop a reporting suite to effectively monitor new business ventures and other insights
60 days
The challenge

Our objective was to develop a reporting suite for Propel Asset Financing to effectively monitor new business ventures, understand progress against targets, and assess the quality of leads entering the business. The aim was to enable data-led decision-making and provide insights for monthly reporting and analysis. Propel Asset Financing faced the following challenges in their business monitoring process:

  • Inability to track business progress versus targets
  • Lack of understanding regarding the quality of incoming leads
Enhancing Business Monitoring with a Reporting Suite
The solution

To address these challenges, we worked with Propel to implement the following solutions:

  • Developed a data strategy to support data led decision making
  • Created a reporting suite for monthly reporting and analysis
  • Enabled insights into the types of business being received and their alignment with agreed-upon quality standards
The outcome

The implemented solutions resulted in the following outcomes for Propel Asset Financing:

  • Improved understanding of business progress and performance against targets
  • Enhanced ability to assess the quality of leads entering the business
  • Enabled data-led decision-making for informed business strategies
  • Monthly reporting and analysis for tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement.


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