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Discover how our solutions, utilising machine learning AI, can analyse and identify patterns in vast amounts of data, providing you with the insights you need to increase sales, retain customers, improve productivity and more.

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While our patented technology swiftly and accurately analyses data, the key to unlocking its potential is converting these patterns into actionable insights for your business.

Small giants

Many believe the immense power of data can only be harnessed by Enterprise-scale businesses. At PATTRN we dispel this myth. Our approach works to unlock potential across all businesses, from micro to massive.

Hyper human

Our services allow your data to be analysed with the inquisitive nature of the human brain, only with hyper-accelerated speed and focus. The result? Pinpoint-accurate and instantly actionable insights for your business.

Future moves

At PATTRN, not only do we connect the dots in your data. We also use the findings to create an insight-led and scalable business growth framework, helping you to shape your plans now, and for the future.

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Discover the ways your business can utilise PATTRN.

Impact Program

Designed to showcase the art of the possible and prove the value of what our solutions can deliver. Within 1 month, we work with you to solve a real business challenge across marketing, sales, operations and more. Efforts are focused on optimising actions that increase revenue, profits and reduce costs.

Data Analysis and Modeling

We use advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, relationships and trends. Whether you need to predict customer behaviour, optimise operations, or improve marketing performance, these insights facilitate better-informed business decisions.


We provide customised dashboards and reports that offer real-time visibility, helping you to stay on top of your business performance metrics. Our reporting services help you identify trends, track key performance indicators, and monitor progress towards your goals.

Data Visualisation

Our data visualisation services are designed to help you communicate insights in a clear and compelling way. We use our extensive experience to make complex data easily understandable and shareable, empowering your teams to drive action and improve business performance.‌

Data-Led Decision Making

Designed to help you make better decisions based on your data. We work with you to define your business goals, identify key performance indicators, and develop a data-led decision-making framework. Our services help you to reduce risk, optimise resources, and improve business outcomes.

Training and Support

We offer training and support services to help you get the most out of your data analytics investment. Our programs cover a wide range of topics, including data analysis, data modelling, business intelligence and data visualization. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that you can continue leveraging data to drive business success.

Data Analytics as a Service

Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) is designed to help you identify key insights and make better-informed decisions without needing your own data team. We provide customised solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs and goals including data analysis, data modelling, business intelligence, data visualisation, and data-driven decision-making.

AI as a Service

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and transform your business with AI as a Service (AIaaS). We provide cutting-edge solutions that include, machine learning, deep learning our AI Fabrics and more. With our AIaaS solutions, you can improve accuracy, identify new opportunities and gain new insights into your business operations.


Any industry can benefit from real-time, actionable insights to unlock their potential.

Our solutions are tailored to help CFOs, CMOs, and CDOs to make the most of their limited resources and anticipate change to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks across any industry. With PATTRN's data solutions and services, CDOs can ensure returns on investments, while CMOs can maximise their marketing resources to increase profits and CFOs can optimise budget planning, collection effectiveness and more.


The financial services industry is going through a profound digital transformation that is changing the way businesses are building customer relationships and calculating risk.


The healthcare industry faces ever-increasing pressure to leverage technology and the data available to deliver better patient outcomes at lower costs.


Manufacturers have long embraced automation, but now, we have the technology to improve efficiency, reduce fraud, loss and risks in the supply chain using AI and machine learning.


The retail industry continues to be under tremendous pressure from online competitors and an ever-changing and more demanding consumer base.


With the telecoms industry going through rapid change and with new opportunities arising, our solutions help to build and grow customer relationships, improve efficiency and reduce fraud.


The defence sector has long been interested in predictive analytics. Our solutions can be applied across many areas of the sector including product, fleet, personnel and more.


The education sector faces unique challenges from changing student needs, technology advancements and an evolving job market. Discover how to improve engagement, efficiency, and performance.


We have proven experience improving business performance with our data insights.

For over 10 years we have helped to increase revenue and reduce costs by creating solutions for businesses of various sizes – from the big banks to hospitality, financial institutions and retail businesses.

We have seen how many businesses are missing out by not taking advantage of their data and their inability to convert it into actionable insights.

While also thinking that using Artificial Intelligence is out of their grasp due to either their size or the infrastructure and resources they have.

As a result, we can help them to not only see their data as a valuable asset, but also to use it for real-time, accurate decision-making.


The numbers speak for themselves.


Operating Losses

for a National Restaurant Group


Increase in Weekly Sales

for a UK based Call Centre


Faster Review of Data

for a Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider


Increase in Revenue

for a Global Cosmetics Manufacturer


Reduction in Wastage

for a Global Food Company


Increase in Customer LTV

for a Global Ecommerce Automation Company


Ready to get started on your data journey?

Every project we work on is tailored to your business's specific needs and challenges, there is no one size fits all. To find out how our cutting-edge services and technology can unlock your business' potential, please get in touch.

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