Increasing Supply Chain Visibility with a Reporting Suite

The details
To improve supply chain management by developing a reporting suite to detect issues across global factories and warehouses.
90 days
The challenge

Johnson+Johnson needed to identify affected orders and enable prompt action to address potential issues. We were presented with the following challenges to overcome in their supply chain management:

  • Lack of visibility into the impact of incidents in different factories or warehouses on specific orders
  • Inability to proactively address potential supply chain issues
Increasing Supply Chain Visibility with a Reporting Suite
The solution

To overcome these challenges, we implemented the following solutions:

  • Developed a comprehensive data model to integrate disparate data sources
  • Created a set of dashboards to flag areas requiring supply chain team's attention
  • Enabled daily reporting on potential issues for proactive problem-solving
The outcome

The implemented solution brought about the following outcomes for Johnson+Johnson:

  • Improved visibility into potential order issues and supply chain incidents
  • Enhanced ability to take immediate action and address issues as they arise
  • Greater customer experience and improved reputation through informed decision-making and proactive adjustments to orders

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