Improving Efficiency of Data Governance Reporting

The details
To improve and enhance data governance reporting for UBS by implementing automated processes.
30 days
The challenge

UBS faced the following challenges in their data governance reporting process:

  • Lengthy reporting time, taking up to a month to report on the previous month's data
  • Need for both internal and regulatory reporting
  • Lack of prompt action on unresolved data points
Improving Efficiency of Data Governance Reporting
The solution

To address these challenges, we worked with UBS to implement the following solutions:

  • Data modelling, engineering, and visualisations to improve reporting accuracy and insights
  • Automation processes to highlight unresolved data points and trigger action from Data Stewards and Owners through email
  • Automated data flows for regular reporting updates and trend analysis
  • Flexible scheduling options for running data flows (daily, weekly, monthly) with historical data
The outcome

The implemented solutions resulted in the following outcomes for UBS:

  • Reduced reporting time from one month to one hour, enabling faster insights and prompt action
  • Enhanced data governance reporting accuracy and efficiency
  • Improved resolution of data issues through automated highlighting and email prompts
  • Enabled trend analysis and proactive identification of potential risks in the data governance process.

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